WiSER Medical Humanities Doctoral Fellowships in Africa 2015 2016

WiSER Medical Humanities Doctoral Fellowships in South Africa 2015 2016 • Over the last twelve years, WiSER has established itself as the leading South African interdisciplinary research institute in the Humanities and Social Sciences, promoting local and international debate on the complexities of change in South Africa and Africa, understood from comparative and global perspectives. A strong commitment to doctoral training and supervision is a critical part of WiSER’s mission. With funds from the Mellon Foundation, the Medical Humanities project has enabled to extend long-standing doctoral fellowship programme. Fellowships are awarded to outstanding students for a period of 3 year. (More scholarships for African, see also » Australia Awards Scholarships for African Students 2015 2016)

Study in: South Africa Host Institution: Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WiSER), University of the Witwatersrand Course Level: Doctoral
Course Starts: 2015
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WiSER Medical Humanities Doctoral Fellowships in South Africa 2015/ 2016

CLOSING DATE: 15 December 2014

Field of Study(s):

These doctoral fellowships are awarded in the field of Medical Humanities. Research focus at WiSER Medical Humanities is arrange around five themes:

  • Sex and Sexuality;
  • Transgendering and Intersexuality;
  • Cultures of Ageing and Dying – and here a special interest in Silicosis is emerging with Sciences Po in France;
  • The Meanings of Evidence; Body Parts – with a special interest in organ transplants and skin, and
  • the wide area of Neuro related work.

Target Group:

WiSER Medical Humanities Doctoral Fellowships are offered to South African students.


  • Candidates should have a distinguished academic record in a discipline appropriate to the study programme imagined for a PhD in this emerging field and related to the WiSER research themes within this.
  • WiSER encourage applicants from sociology, literary studies, cultural studies, history, philosophy, anthropology, art, drama, politics, law, linguistics, therapeutic disciplines, research areas of health sciences such as medicine, nursing, anatomy and so on, as well as from applicants with a research background in education, social work, public health, human geography, economics and related fields.

What does it cover:

Fellows will receive funding for three years; up to R150 000 per annum. This will cover university fees, research expenses including travel and a living allowance. Fellows will be required to undertake up to 5 hours work a week for WiSER.

How to apply:

To apply, applicants must submit the following required documents by email to Ms. Najibha Deshmukh (on Najibha.Deshmukh@wits.ac.za):

  1. Certified copies of degrees and diplomas.
  2. A recent publication or piece of written work, drawing on your past research.
  3. A detailed and up to date CV, which shows clearly your undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and component courses of study.
  4. Names and contact details (including email addresses) of three academic referees.
  5. A detailed covering letter explaining clearly and carefully your interest in WiSER, your proposed area of doctoral research and how it might fit into one of the WiSER research themes.
Source & further information on WiSER Medical Humanities Doctoral Fellowships in South Africa 2015/ 2016:

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