Jean Monnet Postdoctoral Fellowships – RSCAS Italy for 2015-2016

The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) is offering one-year Jean Monnet Postdoctoral Fellowships (renewable for one more year) to scholars who have obtained their doctorate more than 5 years prior to the start of the fellowship, i.e. 1 September 2015 for the academic year 2015/16. The Fellowship program is open to post-docs, tenure track academics and those wishing to spend their sabbatical at the Robert Schuman Centre. Scholars are invited to become part of a lively and creative academic community.

Jean Monnet Fellows are selected on the basis of a research proposal and of their CV. The research proposal should fit well with one of the Centre’s main research themes, programmes and projects, which are: (1) Integration, Governance and Democracy; (2) Regulating Markets and Governing Money; and (3) 21st Century World Politics and Europe.

Study in: Italy
Host Institution: RSCAS – European University Institute (EUI)
Course Level: Postdoctoral
Course Starts: annually September

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Jean Monnet Postdoctoral Fellowship in the EUI Italy, 2015/2016

CLOSING DATE: 25 October (annually)

Field of Study(s):

These international fellowships – scholarships given to proposals that fit well with one or more of the Centre’s core research themes:

  • European Institutions, Governance and Democracy,
  • Migration, Economic and Monetary Policy,
  • Competition Policy and Market Regulation,
  • Energy Policy and Climate Policy,
  • Global Governance,
  • International and Transnational Relations of the EU.

Target Group:

Applicants (post-docs in an early stage of their academic career) of all nationalities are eligible for the Jean Monnet Postdoctoral Fellowships.

Number of Awards:

The Robert Schuman Centre annually offers up to 20 Jean Monnet Postdoctoral Fellowships.


  • The fellowships are open to candidates who have obtained their doctorate more than 5 years prior to the start of the fellowship on 1 September (to apply for 2015/16, the Ph.D. should have been awarded before 1 September 2010).
  • Candidates of all nationalities are eligible for the Jean Monnet Postdoctoral Fellowships. (For another postdoctoral fellowships invitation, see Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellowships-Scholarships at MIT 2015-2016)

What does it cover:

  • Grants. The basic grant is € 2,000 per month. If the duration of the fellowship is less than 12 months, no grant will be paid for the month of August.
  • Successful applicants benefiting from other grants or salaries must disclose this to the EUI, as the amount of the fellowship will be fixed at a lower rate (minimum € 1,250 per month) depending on the additional income.
  • Family Allowance. If applicable, family allowances will be added to the basic grant as follows:
    • A household allowance of € 300 per month is paid to fellows with a partner when the partner lives with the fellow in Florence and on the condition that the partner’s income does not exceed € 2,000 per month.
    • There is a dependant’s allowance of € 200 per month for each dependent child living with the fellow in Florence.
    • Fellows are entitled to these allowances if they can declare that they are not receiving any similar allowance from another source, and upon production of relevant documents (marriage certificate or a document that proves you are living together in Florence, birth certificates).
    • For dependent children in full-time education and over the age of 18, a school or university certificate is required. No allowance is paid for dependent children over the age of 26.
  • Medical Insurance. Fellows must have adequate medical insurance cover during their stay at the Institute. They can either provide proof of their own insurance scheme or subscribe to the EUI’s private sickness and health insurance scheme at their own expense. Fellows (but not their families) receive reimbursement for one return trip from their home town to Florence.
  • Travel Expences, which includes:
    • First-class rail (travel by car is also reimbursed on this basis)
    • Economy class air fare
    • The maximum amount for travel reimbursement is €1,200 for return travel.

How to apply:

The application form is now available online (see link below). There are two phases in the application process:

  1. Register the application online as early as possible
  2. Submit the application before the deadline 25 October, only when you have filled in all the information and have the final version of the attachments in hand. Because after submission, you will not be able to update or modify your application.

Applicants should prepare these required documents:

  • CV, with a list of publications in PDF
  • A letter of motivation (1-2 pages) in PDF
  • A research proposal (2-4 pages) in PDF
  • Letters of reference from two academic referees in PDF

Source & further information on Jean Monnet Postdoctoral Fellowship – Scholarship 2015/2016:

Official Announcement – RSCAS



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