Eiffel Scholarships for International Students, 2014/2015

This international scholarship is offered annually by The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. It launched to support French centres of higher education in their international outreach initiatives, in a context of mounting competition among developed countries, to attract elite overseas students on master’s, engineering and  PhD courses.

The scholarship supports for a maximum duration of 12 months for M2, a maximum of 24 months for M1, maximum duration of 36 months for an engineering science diploma and for a maximum duration of 10 months for PhD program.

Study in: France
Host Institution: Universities in France
Course Level: Master/PhD Degree
Course Starts: 2014

eiffel international scholarships

Eiffel Scholarships for International Students, 2014/2015

CLOSING DATE:  January 8th, 2014
prepare for the next chance: usually open in September

Field of Study(s):

 The three major areas of study offered by the Eiffel program are:

  • Engineering sciences at Master level,
  • For PhD level: engineering sciences, exact sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences, nano and bio-technology, earth and environmental sciences, information and communication sciences and technology),
  • Economics and management and Law and political science.

Target Group:

This scholarship is offered to international students except France. Binational candidates, one of which nationality is French, are not eligible.

eiffel international scholarship for international studentsEligibility:

  •   Age
    • Master’ Degree Level: candidates must be at most 30 years old (born after 07/03/1983)
    • PhD Level: candidates must be at most 35 years old (born after 03/07/1978)
  • Origin of applications:
    Only applications sent by the French institutions are admissible. The latter undertake to enroll laureates in the training for which they were selected. Applications sent by other means are not receivable. In addition, a candidate nominated by more than one institution will see his application rejected.
  • Concurrent scholarships:
    Foreign students already receiving a scholarship from the French government for another program at the time of filing the application are not eligible, even if it is a scholarship that supports social coverage.
  • Eiffel doctoral Scholarship:
    an applicant who has already received an Eiffel scholarship under his PhD may not represent his candidacy again.
  • The training involved:
    Eligible candidates are likely to incorporate a training course of master level attested by a diploma, including engineering school, and PhD candidates. The French trainings relocated abroad are not affected, fellows, non doctoral, having to perform at least 75% of their studies in France.
  • Language level:
    non-francophone candidates must ensure that their language level is in line with the level required by the training course. Eventually, students currently studying abroad are given priority over those already residing in France.

What does it cover:

  • Master Course:
    • a monthly allowance of 1,181€ (1,031€ of maintenance allowance and 150€ of monthly compensation),
    • an international return travel,
    • Health insurance and Cultural activities,
    • an additional accommodation allowance under certain conditions.
  • PhD course:
    • a monthly allowance of 1,400€,
    • an international return travel (only one return trip will be covered for law and political science students who would undertake several stays in France),
    • Health insurance and Cultural activities,
    • an additional accommodation allowance under certain conditions.

How to apply:

Candidates must apply online by filling the application form (link below). The deadline is January 8th, 2014. Results will be announced in the week of March 17th, 2014.


Source & further information on Eiffel Scholarships 2014/2015:

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