Doctoral Research Scholarships Program in Canada 2014-2015

CLOSING DATE: 30 September 2013

Brief Description:

Government of Canada offers doctoral research scholarships program for international students. These international scholarships of the Research Fund of Quebec – Nature and Technology (FRQNT) aims to stimulate international students’ interest in beginning or pursuing doctoral studies in Québec and provide financial support to leading international PhD candidates in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering fields.

Study in: Canada
Host Institution: Québec University
Course Level: PhD Degree
Course Starts: 2014

Field of Study(s):

 These scholarships and grants are awarded in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering fields.

Target Group:

 International students from any country (except Canada) may apply for these scholarships.


  • Not be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Not have submitted an application for permanent residence under Canadian immigration laws.
  • Not have obtained a merit scholarship for international students from the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports in Quebec or one of the Research Fund of Quebec.
  • Have been preselected by a Québec university by September 30th, 2013.
  • Meet all eligibility criteria by the competition deadline on November 1st, 2013.

Applications are evaluated according the following criteria:

  • Applicant’s academic record
  • Social involvement, leadership and communication skills
  • Applicant’s research skills and relevant research experience
  • Quality and scientific interest of the project and socioeconomic scope of the project, if applicable.

What does it cover:

The maximum annual value of the doctorainternational scholarships at Québec University Canadal research scholarship for international students is $20 000. During the eligibility period (nine sessions or 36 months), the scholarship holder may receive up to nine payments totaling $60 000. Each payment of up to $6 667 covers a period of four months or one session.

How to apply:

Only students who have been preselected by a Québec university may apply to the competition. University representatives who preselect applicants must fill out the applicant nomination form, which is available on the extranet site of the Fund.

The form must be submitted electronically by September 30th, 2013, at 4 p.m. pre selected applicants will receive a personal identification number (PIN) and password and must then fill out an e-form. These forms must be filled out and submitted electronically by the competition deadline on November 1st, 2013, at midnight (Quebec time), by post or e-mail at

Applicants must consult the deadlines of the universities for preselection.

Required Documents:

  • A photocopy of the identification page of the applicant’s valid passport from his/her home country or any other official document that established the applicant’s citizenship;
  • A photocopy of transcripts for all of the applicant’s university studies, whether they were completed or not (certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, etc.). The applicant must also provide the transcripts for any equivalencies that were granted for courses taken in other institutions or as part of other programs. Any transcripts from institutions located outside North America must include a note from the applicant explaining the marking system.
  • The Fonds de recherche reserves the right to verify with institutions the authenticity of any information given by applicants.
  • Two letters of recommendation from respondents;
  • Acknowledgements of receipt or letters from editors for articles that are submitted, accepted or in press (acknowledgements for published articles will not be given to the committee);
  • A copy of the notifications or attestations for all awards received;
  • The submission confirmation (available in the applicant’s e-file once the e-form is submitted).

Source & further information:

Doctoral Research Scholarships Programs Official Announcement: